Implementing a digital strategy: 20 takeaways

Implementing a digital strategy: 20 takeaways

This overview about implementing a digital strategy at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (Université de Liège) is over two years old but most of the core ideas still seem to hold up.

As presented at the 2012 IROICA Conference (International Relations Officers’ Network of the Association of European Life Science Universities) about Communication and Management in the NET Generation.

20 takeaways from this digital strategy presentation:

  1. There’s no unique recipe for success when it come to use of digital media
  2. Social media has disrupted the traditional communication mix.
  3. The main reasons why I care about social media at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech Everyone else because I can reach people where they are already playing and check statistics & demographics
  4. Myths about social media : you can do it alone, it’s free, it’s easy, it’s a fad.
  5. Social is about relationships and not marketing. It needs to be more about community than technology.
  6. Audit: how are we doing? Cleaning up the social media war field.
  7. A stale online presence can turn students off Students expect the university to be current and responsive online – when their posts don’t get answered they are not interested anymore.
  8. They will be talking about you online The internet provides a level playing field. Anyone can post content.
  9. Don’t engage in social media without knowing whom you’re trying to reach.
  10. Every segment has different needs
  11. The younger generation has grown up with social media. It’s like electricity, they expect it to exist.
  12. Strategy and implementation is an organic process.
  13. « Spin may work in traditional media but the internet has a built in BS detector » Chris Pirillo
  14. Develop a consistent voice across platforms.
  15. Be consistent in your tone and update frequency.
  16. Communicate across campus: danger of operating in silos. Share best practices and foster ongoing communication among all the people involved with social media
  17. No social media policy is inviting disaster.
  18. Analytics: Volume is a great initial indicator of interest. Reach measures the spread of a social media conversation.
  19. Engagement: one of the most important areas to measure in social media. Influence: Who’s talking about you and what kind of impact do they have? Share Of Voice: How does the conversation about your brand compare to conversations about your competitors?
  20. Chasing the Numbers. Your average Facebook post only reaches 12% of your friends*. 40% of Twitter users don’t tweet, but instead use it to keep up to date.

* That was back in 2012. Nowadays, it’s dropped even more.

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